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Weekly E-Discovery SnapshotPublished: 01/06/2012
Happy New Year! You've no doubt read countless predictions about what 2012 will bring (including mine, of course). And though I may not have a crystal ball, I can give you one piece of advice to help you manage your e-discovery burden this year: stop reading the predictions and take some action! Regardless of how 2011 turned out, you now have a clean slate to build upon in 2012.

Start the year right by becoming proactive when it comes to e-discovery. First, resolve to take an inventory of your company's policies and procedures that involve electronically stored information. Here's a handy checklist you can use, with links to additional guidance about each item:
If you don't have these policies and procedures in place, resolve to draft or implement them this month.

Next, if you do have them in place, check the date you last revised them. Do you need to update them?

Finally, think about the last time you trained your employees on these policies. If the date was more than a year ago, create a training schedule that reviews at least one policy every month.

Regardless of how 2011 turned out, you now have a clean slate to build upon in 2012.

And, while we are on the topic of clean slates, we are thrilled to report that we are beginning the year afresh too, as an independent company. Siris Capital Group has taken Applied Discovery private from LexisNexis (with LexisNexis' parent, Reed Elsevier, retaining a minority interest).

As friends of our company, we want you all to know that business will be as usual through this transition, which is happening incredibly smoothly. We are also hard at work expanding our technology base so we can serve our clients even better. As one of the founders of the electronic discovery industry, we will continue to deliver market-leading experience, project management expertise, and technology to our clients and we look forward to also displaying new agility backed by a commitment to investment and new leadership.

As always, we hope you enjoy our content and welcome your feedback. We look forward to growing together in 2012 and beyond!

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